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Dal Santo’s carries a wide variety of Italian specialties, including:
* Homemade Italian Sausage
* Quality Italian Lunchmeats
* Krakus Polish Ham & Italian Style Ham
* Homemade Italian Beef
* Prosciutto di Parma
* Mortadella (Imported and Domestic)
* Soppressata, Capacolla, Hot & Mild Dried Sausage and Pancetta 
* Imported Parmigiano Reggiano
* Stella Table Cheeses (Eating and Grating Asiago& Parmesan)
* Pecorino Romano
* Imported Blue Cheese and Gorganzola
* Grated Cheese
    o Romano
    o Parmesan
    o Asiago
    o SpecialBlend (Perfect Mix Of All Three)
* Variety Of Sandwich Cheeses
* Baccala (In Season)
Our shelves contain assorted Italian cakes and cookies.  We also carry many brands of pastas, soups and jar condiments such as hot or mild giardinera, anchovies, anchovy stuffed olives and roasted red peppers among many other similar items.

During the winter months, we make homemade Sopressa, Fresh Salami and Cudi.